The Gods of Consumerism

The degree show went up well πŸ™‚

In modern society the things we allot our time to are just that: things. We fill our lives with time consuming but pointless objectives. We have turned shopping into an art form. Along with this worship of the material we have lost our individualism. Adverts have told us all what the ideal holiday/partner/job/life is. We know what we should be striving for because we have been told to want it, if we ever became content with our lives why would we buy those products that make us smarter, better looking and happier? Being told what to dream of, limits us to those dreams. We have created rules for our society that idolise consumerism but at what cost? (Β£225 per statue).




About Hannah Walters

MA ceramics student at Cardiff Met


  1. Did you manage to get a pic with the two side lights on? The shadows looked great!

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