Moulds and Making

So here’s what I’ve been up to! Since I’ve been so busy with this project I’ve got a little behind on posting so the next few will be of the making process but the Private View is on the 3rd of June. It’ll be held in the design centre at Falmouth University on Penryn Campus. the textiles and fashion degree shows will be on the same night so come check it out! 🙂 I’ll put the official poster up later this week.

These have been the last few moulds made, the one below was to create a life-sized head. I made the head out of solid clay then sliced it in half in order to make the mould. There are a few undercuts but as I used this as a press mould this wasn’t a problem.










This is Artemis mid making, I start with the torso then add head and arms before allowing it to dry a little in order to add the more delicate details.


These are parts of the columns, I looked at the greek Doric and Ionic columns to find the forms I wanted. Doric for the gods and Ionic for the godessess. The colums are covered in the logos of the companies that I am matching the gods and godessess up with, they will also hold the torsos.




About Hannah Walters

MA ceramics student at Cardiff Met

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