So I’ve moved on to creating a clay wall that’ll go round my model ready for the rubber.

As I sawed my work in half it broke into about six pieces, it literally shattered in my hands and the worst part was as I got annoyed that I’d broken bits I didn’t concentrate and broke more!

It was saveable though, I hope the end result is worth the effort but either way it’s a new skill and process to use and I met a few third years who were using the same process which is nice to see.

P1040025 P1040026 P1040029 P1040028 P1040027


About Hannah Walters

MA ceramics student at Cardiff Met


  1. I did some casting long ago and had fun with it. Is the lighter colored material in the center your model that you want to cast? Why do you have to saw it in half? Our teacher told me to divide it with plastic fins going out from the model so you can break the plaster mold apart into smaller sections and pop out your finished casting. Then you can reuse the mold. I had to divide the plaster parts of the mold into maybe 5 pieces and the rubber mold part into 2 pieces. My clay models got destroyed too.

    • Yeah the models at the centre, I had to saw it in half to make sure the rubber that’s going on next will be able to come off ok with no under cuts. I had a large hole in my piece and the easiest way seemed to be to cut it (even if it was up setting!)

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